Searching for numerals in Word

Searching for numerals in Word

If, like most publishers, your publisher expects you to conform to pretty much any style guide regarding the spelling out of numbers, you are going to want to double check that you caught them all. If you want use search to ensure you have caught all the numerals that should be spelled out, you can set up a search using wildcards to pick them out.

Open the Find dialog (Ctrl+F)
If the left sidebar opens up for you (instead of the pop-up), click on the down arrow at the far right of the search box and select Advanced Find
Click on the More>> button
Check Use Wildcards
Then, as your search string, enter [0-9]*
Now you can click Find Next to advance to the first number. Obviously you don’t want to do a straight Replace using this method, but it is an easy way to jump to each numeral so you can make a decision on what to do with it.
Erika Orrick
Erika Orrick wanted to be a writer when she grew up, but detoured into computers when she realized she actually wanted to eat. Financial stability established, she eased her way back into storytelling by fixing other people’s words and discovered she had a knack. An admitted geek, she is constantly distracted from resuming her quest to be a writer by all the shiny. Luckily, since she hasn’t yet grown up, no one can say she hasn’t met her goal. She has tried (and failed) to escape Texas twice and in fact now lives on the north side of Houston, less than 100 miles from where she started. Erika can be found on Twitter at @erikaeditsbooks or email at
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