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Proof that I am nice to Jo on occasion


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In Light of Recent Events

This is one is the best explanations of what the bible does and doesn’t say about marriage–any marriage–and what that means to us today.

This is the text of the sermon I preached on Sunday, June 28, setting aside my summer sermon series to address a number of recent events in our nation.  I publish it here by request: On Thursday Christy and I drove from Richmond, Virginia, to Niagara Falls, Ontario, which means that we waited in line […]

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Cool Word search hack
I will occasionally get manuscripts that still have mixed quotes in them. Although I know how to do a blanket search and replace to flip straight quotes to smart quotes, I don’t want to do this for manuscripts that are already mostly right, since a search and replace tends to mess up apostrophes used at the beginning of words (’em, ’til, etc) and I don’t want to have to go back and fix those.
Instead, you can just search for ^034 (double quotes) or ^039 (single quote) and then fix just the incorrect items.
Once you find the incorrect quotes, on Windows, you can type CTRL + ‘ + ‘ to insert a single quote going the correct direction in front of a truncated word.
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What Color Were His Eyes Again?

My latest guest Writing Tips post over on Jo Peterson’s blog is all about style sheets.

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Story mapping with Excel

This week’s Turtle writing tip over on Jo Peterson’s blog.

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