What I Do

I offer editing services at multiple levels. For some authors I provide all of them, for others I only do one or two. Additionally, I can provide these services as part of the path to self-publication or as a step prior to submitting to a publisher. I am a contract editor with multiple publishers and am familiar with many of the stylistic conventions called for.

Substantive or Content Editing

The first phase of editing comes into play when a writer is having difficulty with a rough draft. Content editing is more about identifying weaknesses in the story and less about the stylistic issues (although those are addressed to a lesser degree during this phase as well). Content editing includes:
  • Suggest structural changes
  • Propose additions or deletions
  • Identify portions that should be rewritten


Copyediting is a service that’s more involved than proofreading and generally takes place earlier in the publishing process. While I reference CMOS as well as several publishers’ style guides during the copyediting phases, I strive to maintain the author’s “voice” above all else. Copyediting includes:
  • Ensure correct and consistent spelling, grammar, and punctuation throughout the manuscript
  • Ensure consistent voice and usage throughout the manuscript
  • Address style issues such as numbers, addresses, and abbreviations
  • Identify possible errors and wording if there is ambiguity or awkwardness
  • Delete unnecessary words or suggest substitutions for poorly chosen words
  • Examine basic plot structure, timelines, and characters and address any potential issues
  • Standardize use of local dialect and verbiage, “correct” British idioms and spelling
  • Light fact-checking, if needed
  • Trademark review, if needed


Proofreading is the final editing step prior to publication and includes mainly formatting and stylistic issues. Proofreading includes:
  • Correct spelling mistakes and typos (including consistent spelling of genre-specific terms)
  • Correct grammar and punctuation issues
  • Address formatting issues (italics, quotes, et cetera)
  • Ensure consistency (such as names and information given throughout)
Please note that I generally combine copyediting and proofreading when I work since I personally find it hard to do one without the other.

Beta Reading

Beta reading includes:
  • General review of plot for overall impressions and opinions
  • Some consistency checking at a high level
  • Other tasks negotiated on a case by case basis

Document Formatting

While not editing, per se, I can also provide help with formatting of front and back matter, table of contents, content headings, headers, footers, etc.